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Doctor and Patient


Available to AFA Members and their immediate families!

Discount Group Rate Dental/Prescription Drug Plan

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Every year the AFA recognizes exceptional part-time students by awarding them with a variety of AFA scholarships. Part-time students face many unique challenges and often find themselves juggling education, family and employment obligations. Each year the stories that our recipients share remind us all that no matter how far away your dreams might appear, through perseverance there is no mountain too high to scale and no dream too far to reach.

The AFA Helping Students Realize Their Dreams 



Fall '21    4/29/21 - 6/3/21

Winter '22  9/9/21 - 10/14/21

Spring '22 10/28/21 - 12/2/21

Summer '22 2/10/22 - 3/17/22


*These dates are expected dates and are subject to change.  Please check your email for exact dates prior to each period.


Executive Board :


9/11/21. 10/23/21.  11/20/21.   12/11/21,  2/12/22,  3/26/22.  4/23/22,   5/14/22,  6/11/22, 7/9/22 (usually tentative)


Representative Assembly:


9/25/21,   11/6/21,   1/8/22,   4/2/22,   8/20/22


General Membership. 10/9/21, 3/12/22. 

2021/2022 AFA Meetings

The Spring 2022 Adjunct Pay Dates are as follows:



February, 21, 2022

March 7, 2022

March 21, 2022

April 4, 2022

April 18, 2022

May 2, 2022

May 16, 2022 




For all full term courses, in order to make the first payroll date, the contract must be complete and entered in the system prior to  -  Wednesday ,  January 26, 2022


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Nassau Community College Adjuncts:

   Who We Are


     Each semester you will find us working in classrooms and offices throughout Nassau Community College. We are part time workers who make a full time effort to educate and assist all those who have chosen our college community as “the place” to achieve their personal and career goals. We teach, counsel, remediate, and provide support services to all the students who walk through our doors each day. Our ranks include doctors, nurses, scientists, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, actors, dancers, librarians, mathematicians, judges, lawyers, historians, government officials, interior designers, fashion designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, researchers, social workers, former professional athletes, writers, poets, C.P.A.s, artists, counselors and musicians most if not all holding advanced degrees.


     In short, all NCC’s classroom and non-classroom adjuncts work individually and collegially, helping our students realize the educational and career goals they seek to achieve each day.


Stefan Krompier, AFA President

Scott Stark AFA Vice President

Richard D. Erben Webmaster 2022