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Fundraiser for

The NEST (NCC Food Pantry)

 I ask you to please view the story about The NEST at NCC at:

   We, the AFA, will be holding a comedy fundraiser for "The Nest" NCC's food pantry on Wednesday night December 9th at the Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown.  Tickets cost $20 each.  100% of ticket sales will go to the Nest. Tickets will officially go on sale starting November 16th. The show starts at 7:30PM. Those of you who can't attend because you teach on Wednesday nights or for other reasons we ask you to purchase tickets when they become available. We will consider your purchase a donation and your tickets will be resold as a means to increase the total of funds raised. Again, tickets will officially go on sale on Monday November 16th. You will be given a variety of ways to purchase and pay for tickets.

   In addition to helping to put food on the tables of those in need, purchasing tickets and attending this event is a way for you to support your leadership team's initiatives to do more for the students who walk through our doors each day. It is a way for you to illustrate in a concrete meaningful way that we are more than part time workers who have little or no connection with the students we service other than when we are doing our jobs


Stefan Krompier


Adjunct Faculty Association at NCC



TO PURCHASE TICKETS CLICK HERE:                                             TO MAKE A DONATION CLICK HERE:

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