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The Dangers of Having No Representation

The potential consequences to you and your employment

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In 2018, in what was a purely political decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor Janus. This decision carried out the devious work being done over decades by corporate billionaires funding radical groups in an effort to abolish unions and have employees work at the mercy of their bosses. This so called "Right to Work" doctrine was already in place in some states. All of the states that were Right to Work had their workers getting paid significantly less, with more workplace injuries and diminished benefits. A perfect case of the abuses by management in non-union shops is the suffering of Amazon employees. In the months following the Janus decision, labor quickly came to realize that the Janus decision was not for them but rather a mechanism used to further the great divide between the rich and the middle class. Today, we are witnessing a resurgence in unionization whereby labor has a chance to voice their concerns against corporate giants such as Amazon.

Prior to Janus, the AFA was experiencing an exponential growth in our membership. Despite the Janus decision, our membership continued to grow on a weekly basis. Being a union of highly educated individuals and scholars, our members saw right through the lies and rhetoric being spewed by these billionaires and their radical shell organizations. Our members decided to take advantage of the many benefits associated with AFA membership and most importantly the protections offered to them in these precarious times.


After the enactment of Janus, NYS passed several laws that released unions from the requirement of representing non-union members. The law that impacts non-members heavily at NCC is that unions no longer have to represent or furnish non-members with legal representation in disciplinary proceedings. Over the past few months several non-members reached out to us as they were brought up on charges at the college and in some cases were facing investigations. The only advice we could give them was to hire their own attorney. In some matters, it could easily cost the individual more than ten years worth of dues in hiring an attorney to represent them in a single charge. There has been a spike in faculty members being brought up on charges. Charges against them by students, by colleagues, by the college and more. Whether or not the charges have any substance, the college is required to conduct a full investigation into every allegation. In some cases, the investigation requires attorneys and in other cases outside investigators. The facts that need to be known:

1. It is advisable that you hire a representative/attorney to be with you during questioning.

2.Only individuals who are AFA members at the time of the charges are represented by us and if necessary our legal counsel at no charge.

3. If you are brought up on charges during your adjunct work, no other union can legally represent you even if you are a member of another union.

Additional information on our union. We urge you to not fall prey to the lies and motives of the billionaires and their radical shell organizations. We urge you to not leave yourself unprotected and risk your career and we urge you to stand in solidarity with the 98% of your colleagues on campus who are standing up against corporate greed and are proud members of the AFA. We invite you to become part of the solution, a part of the AFA union family by clicking here.

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