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MOA Ratified by 94% Approval

A non-member once asked, "What has the union ever done for me"? Unfortunately, some time later he was brought up on unfounded charges and had to face an unnerving investigation. He then realized the importance of a union and became a member.

But to answer his question, What has the union ever done for me? This is a most appropriate time to illustrate one of the many things that we do. As you might have heard, AFA members just ratified our tentative new contract with an almost 94% approval vote. This new contract will bring adjuncts an effective double digit pay increase over the life of the contract, additional leave days, preserving emergency leave, preserving our promotion process, increasing our Excellence in Education compensation and more! These amazing enhancements were the result of many difficult negotiation sessions and meetings. What if you did not have a union? Then the management would have simply imposed their wish list of 10 pages of givebacks. Givebacks which would have drastically decreased and in some cases eliminated benefits we currently have. We fought hard for every adjunct whether they are a pure adjunct or full-timer working adjunct. Whether they are a classroom or non-classroom adjunct. But this is not all that we do, we are here to protect our members when they are brought up on charges or have their contractual rights violated.

More so than anytime in our history, it is vitally important that we stay together as we are all fighting for the same causes. Please take a moment to join the AFA and become a member. We hope that you will never need us to represent you, but if you do as a member, we will be at your side every step of the way.

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