The AFA does not endorse candidates for political office. Rather, we invite candidates through their parties to submit statements to us which we publish in our Vanguard and post on our website.

Dear Members of the Adjunct Faculty Association at Nassau Community College,

First and foremost I thank you all for going above and beyond to educate your students during this pandemic crisis.

                My name is Dennis Dunne and I am running for State Senator from the NYS 6th Senate District. I am writing you to ask for your vote on November 3rd

                I graduated from Nassau Community College in 1975 with an Associates in Arts. Actually my first political science class at NCC got me thinking about running for public office. Much of what I learned in that class and then applied when I first ran for office and apply to this day has shaped my service to my constituents to this day.   


              Over my two year span at NCC I learned to love the college, especially my teachers and coaches who took a great interest in me and motivated me to transfer and to Hofstra University where I received a BA degree. I know firsthand of the wonderful work that you all do to educate your students both inside and outside the classroom. Whether you teach, interpret, council, advise or work as a technical assistant or librarian or in another supportive capacity you are dedicated to the success of your students.

             As Nassau County Legislator from the 15th District, where I served for 22 years, I always supported NCC in voice and vote. I am particularly happy as an alum and public servant to attend campus events regularly such as the Veteran Day Ceremony, the 9 11 tribute, fundraisers for the NEST, a host of athletic events, Nassau Community College Foundation Events and the graduation exercise.

                It has been my pleasure to meet and know AFA President Stefan Krompier. We met at the dedication ceremony for the NEST. He introduced me to the comedy fundraiser for the NEST sponsored by the AFA, NCCFT and supported by the CSEA. The culture he and his team created for the AFA is to be admired and commended.

                I believe I am well qualified for the position of NYS Senator because of my service and experience as a;

  • Proud Veteran- U.S. Marine Corp

  • Former Director, Nassau County Veterans Service Agency

  • Nassau County Legislator

  • Councilman Town of Hempstead Town Board Councilman (present)

               My agenda/plan as your State Senator is as follows:

  • Keep our neighborhoods safe.

    • Renew a 100% commitment to fight the growing gang menace

  • Repeal the changes to our state’s bail system that turns violent criminals loose on our streets

  • Enact common sense fiscal policies that create jobs to help New York’s economy recover from the Covid-19 pandemic

Lower the tax burden on New York’s middle-class families.

In closing I thank you the members of the Nassau Community College’s Adjunct Faculty Association for all that you do for the NCC college community.

Dear Nassau Community College Adjunct Faculty Association members,

My name is Douglas Tuman, and I am proudly running as a Congressional Candidate in the 4th District. I live and work in the 4th District, and I currently serve as the Commissioner of Engineering for Hempstead. From cleaning park toilets as a teenager to managing the infrastructure of the largest township in America, I have worked in public service my entire life. I am now running for public office for the first time because I want to ensure my six-year-old daughter, Frania, grows up in an America where freedom, prosperity, and equality are greater than ever before.

I am an attorney who will be your fierce advocate, and I am a professional engineer who knows how to take an analytical approach to problem solving. As the Commissioner of Engineering for the Town, I have managed capital construction budgets of $25-$36 million per year, while also managing $60 million of the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery funded projects. I have used innovative technology to analyze and organize the Town’s infrastructure issues, which has allowed me to implement infrastructure improvements throughout the Town more efficiently and fairly. Most importantly, I am an independent thinker and a candidate of action. I will stick to my mission of being a true representative of the people, and will not be swayed by interest groups or party politics. I will be the most engaged, hands-on representative the 4th District has ever seen. To this end, I have developed a text-based polling system to get direct feedback from all constituents on issues so that I can better legislate on your behalf in Congress. You can sign up to the polling system now by texting your full name to 516-308-1703.

I have also put higher education reform at the forefront of my campaign. Now more than ever, academic and higher education institutions need aid and support to continue providing their students with high quality education. Community colleges are the backbone of American higher education. They create an informed citizenry and successfully prepare our future generations for work and adulthood. These institutions, like Nassau Community College, are responsible for workforce development, improving our democracy and public discourse, and contribute vitally to our community’s economic development. Nassau Community College is a leader in higher education on Long Island, with over 22,000 students attending NCC this academic year. You are responsible for shaping the minds of our next generation of leaders. With over 3,000 people employed, NCC is also a major employer and adds immeasurable value to our community. In recent years, Congress has failed to equitably fund community colleges in federal stimulus legislation and other compliance legislation, like Title IX. If I am elected, I will ensure that community colleges are equally funded. I will not allow Nassau Community College employees to have to resign or lose their job due to a lack of equitably distributed funding. I recognize the critical role that community colleges play in our local community and economy; and if I am elected, I will ensure our community colleges receive the funding needed to continue their vital mission.

With the help of leading academics and universities, I am also planning to lead innovative reforms in the higher education field. My innovative Degree-in-Three reform plan is one that I have developed after listening to my constituents. Under this plan, the college degree would be standardized around a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree model to decrease the immense costs of tuition and allow students to obtain a position in the workforce sooner. More details on my plan can be found on my website. As exemplified by this plan, I am open to innovation and looking into new ways to improve schools and programming offerings, especially in light of COVID-19’s devastating impact on our higher education institutions.

As your Congressman, I will also use my knowledge and experience as Commissioner of Engineering to secure infrastructure funding to improve traffic and mass transit, fix crumbling roads, ensure we have clean drinking water, and fund large-scale projects to mitigate damages from the inevitable next big storm. I want to help solve climate change issues with solutions that align with economic growth. Additionally, I want to make our District more affordable and livable by reforming the tax code, eliminating the SALT cap, reducing regulations to spur economic growth, and incentivizing the economic development of our communities through our tax code. These are all local issues that are important to the community, and to me.

I believe the best public servants are the ones who always remember who they are working for. If you elect me, I will never forget that I am working for you. Please consider voting for me in the 2020 Election. I care about all the constituents in the 4th Congressional District and plan to work with all of them regardless of their party affiliation.

Douglas Tuman, P.E., Esq.

Candidate for U.S. Congress New York’s Fourth District